Surge in mobile cyber-crime predicted with UK rollout of 4G

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LONDON: Security experts at Voltage Security, the world leader in data-centric security, warn that a drop in enterprises that prohibit BYOD, coupled with a new mobile enterprise era rung in by the introduction of 4G, could leave organisations across the UK wide open to cybercriminals unless they take on appropriate security measures.

Voltage predicts that with BYOD more attractive than ever, it’s critical more than ever before for enterprises to think beyond just protecting the device. The attackers want the data – and so that’s where the protection needs to be. With faster networks and more “anytime, anywhere” business, more sensitive data will be shared across mobile channels – within the enterprise and to customers. Smartphones and fast networks integrate the consumer into the business through data. Balancing the use of that data to improve customer service must be balanced with breach risk and regulatory compliance.



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