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Easy Solutions Mobile Banking Fraud Prevention Strategy

CIOReview Magazine released a list of the Top 20 Most Promising Security Companies and included Easy Solutions for driving innovation and delivering integrated, leading-edge fraud solutions to financial institutions and customers worldwide.

CIOReview Magazine

Discover An Easy Soultion To Keep Your Information Safe From Cybercriminals!

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3 Important Topics Covered

  1. Gain Real-time visibility
    Protect from the cloud, protect on the device, quantify everything—all accessible in real-time via an easy-to-integrate SDK.
  2. Multi-Layered Security
    By deploying our SDKs in your mobile app, you instantly enable mobile strong authentication and cloud-based on-device protection and analytics to secure your entire mobile ecosystem.
  3. Block Phishing and Malware
    Detects, blocks, alerts and reports in real-time on infected devices and webpages that contain malware and other fraudulent content.

About Easy Solutions

Easy Soluons Mobile unlocks the power of the mobile banking channel with multi-layered mobile anti-fraud protection. Easy Solutions Mobile combines the insight of real-time mobile analytics and threat deactivation. Easy Solutions Mobile empowers financial institutions to accelerate mobile adoption by providing cloud-based end-to-end fraud protection to the end-user device.

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