Moving to the Cloud Extends a Company’s Threat Surface

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What are the main benefits & risks associated with using cloud applications?

Cloud applications have totally redefined modern computing. Whilst we’re still waiting for many big enterprises to migrate mission critical apps, data and services into the cloud, the very concept has revolutionised how IT services are consumed both inside and outside of work. The benefits are well-established from price through to rapid deployment and to the associated delivery of being able to access data anytime, anywhere.

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So, the question could well be the following: what’s stopping enterprises from moving to this approach en masse? A big stumbling block is security. IT and security chiefs aren’t convinced that by moving to the cloud they wouldn’t be opening up the corporate network to a whole host of digital nasties. The issue is that moving to the cloud extends a company’s threat surface. Whilst this isn’t in itself a deal-breaker, the fact that it is outside of their network and vulnerabilities are therefore not within their control is. Until CISOs can be convinced otherwise, this will remain a serious stumbling block to mass adoption.

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