Steven A. Menges

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Steven A. Menges is a B2B innovator and executive with 20 years’ progressive experience.  A frequent industry author and speaker on enterprise IT, cybersecurity, and marketing-related topics, he is also an adjunct professor and Capstone/thesis advisor at the NYU Master’s in Management and Systems and Master’s in Integrated Marketing programs and co-developer of the Business-to-Business Marketing Maturity Model.  Mr. Menges is the VP, Security Journeys for Comodo.

Articles by Steven A. Menges

Security-Concious Professionals

Fear The Unknown?

Should we fear the unknown and uninvited entering our home and business? Should we block them from access to what we value and are sworn to protect, at least until we can be confident they are not a danger?  Do you do this today? In IT, this is called taking a “default deny security posture,” …