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steve-wattsSteve Watts is the Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director at SecurEnvoy plc.
SecurEnvoy is the trusted global leader of mobile phone based Tokenless® two-factor authentication. Its innovative approach to the multi-factor authentication market now sees millions of users benefitting from its solutions all over the world. Controlling endpoints located across five continents, SecurEnvoy design innovative two step verification solutions that leverage both the device the user carries with them and their existing infrastructure. The solutions are the fastest to deploy and the most secure in the industry. With no hardware or deployment issues, the ROI is dramatically reduced and easily managed.With its channel centric approach, SecurEnvoy continues to expand its revenue and profitability year-on-year through its options to host on-premise, MSP or Cloud. SecurEnvoy has customers in government, healthcare, energy, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, retail, telecommunications, charity, legal, and construction sectors. Its integration partners include some of the world’s largest blue-chip organisations such as Juniper, AEP, Sophos, Citrix, Fortinet, Cisco, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, and Microsoft.

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Articles by Steve Watts

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