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Shan-Happiest-MindsShanmugasundaram M. (Shan) Associate Director, Product Engineering Services (PES) at Happiest Minds Technologies is a prolific inventor and creator of many products and who possesses 15 patents in the areas of telecoms, automotive (OBD II, J1939 etc.), M2M etc. He has an overall 14 years of IT industry experience in the areas of R&D(telecoms, automotive, M2M etc.), filing patents, inventions, converting inventions to successful products, customer projects and maintenance projects. An accomplished master and successful implementer in M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies who proved himself again and again in creating and deploying real world cutting edge M2M products. Some of the products are Logica EMO, Static Asset Monitoring, Retail Innovations etc. These inventions won numerous awards including Golden Peacock award, Nasscom award, The Economist award etc. These inventions provided Logica with much needed global exposure in many different domains including automotive technologies.

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IoT Security and Protecting Connected Cars

Articles by Shanmugasundaram M.

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