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Sanjay Raja, Senior Director of Strategic technology Partnerships at Digital Defense, Inc.

Sanjay Raja runs strategic technical partnerships for Digital Defense, Inc, a next generation cloud security SaaS platform provider. Prior to Digital Defense, Sanjay was CMO for Lumeta Corporation, where he led the company to a successful acquisition in two years. Sanjay brings over 20 years of marketing, product management, partnerships, and engineering experience in cybersecurity and networking, focused on network security, network forensics, threat detection and response, SIEM, security testing and cloud and virtualization security. Sanjay has also held leadership roles in product marketing, product management, strategic alliances and engineering at RSA, Cisco, HP Enterprise Security, Crossbeam Systems, Top Layer Networks, Spirent Communications, Nexsi Systems, 3Com, and Cabletron Systems. Sanjay holds a B.S.E.E and an MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Sanjay is also a CISSP.

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Articles by Sanjay Raja

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