Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott is Director of Security Product Management at Bomgar, a secure access solutions provider.

Articles by Sam Elliott


2018 Predictions From Bomgar: Cybersecurity And ITSM In 2018

“Security professionals tend to think about the ‘latest and greatest’ and the next big thing, such as how AI will be the next great tool in security. But hackers are beating defenses with basic tradecraft. It’s usually not anywhere near the level of sophistication one might think. The challenge companies face is getting security in …


How IT Can Balance Security And Productivity

Security solutions have great potential to improve organizational efficiency, but also to hinder day-to-day operations, limit access to information and impede employee output. As tech investments grow across industries, productivity concerns can be neglected, or worse, completely ignored. It’s easy to see how these “pitfalls of productivity” can become a reality. IT security is a …


Recent Breaches Show Third-Party Attacks Is The New Hack

Most organizations today view the question of being hacked as not if, but when. Cybercriminals are adapting and evolving how they breach enterprises, and are more targeted than ever in stealing the highest-value information from an organization—from sensitive documents to personal banking information to new episodes of a hit show. The recent ransomware attack against …