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Richard Lack, Managing Director – EMEA at Gigya

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Overcoming The Personalisation-Privacy Disconnect

Trust is earned in drips and lost in buckets. While every brand wants to build online relationships, putting consumers in control of their privacy is a must for brands today. As usual, there’s a lot going on in the world of consumer privacy and security. Data breaches reported by the likes of Yahoo, LinkedIn and …


Headline Grabbing Proclamation That Teenagers Have Right To Be Forgotten Already Enshrined Under GDPR

Following the news that Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that Facebook users will have the right to permanently delete information about them before they turned 18, Richard Lack, EMEA Managing Director at Gigya commented below. Richard Lack, EMEA Managing Director at Gigya: “Mrs May’s headline grabbing proclamation that teenagers will be afforded the right to …


Navigating A New Landscape Of Customer Identity Management

GDPR. Four letters, one colossal shift in privacy compliance for companies around the globe.  With organisations collecting increasing amounts of data, customers and the governments that represent them have evolving expectations about the transparency surrounding data collection, and the laws that govern the usage and reporting of it. Only recently, Whatsapp was warned by European …


Project Abacus: Google Wages War On The Password

We’re reaching a stage where a lost or stolen phone can intuitively shut down all its apps because it knows it’s not the owner tapping away on its screen, and when banks are actively testing these types of systems as alternatives to passwords and PINs. Therefore when it comes to security, one can safely assume …


Complex Passwords May Not Be As Secure As Simple Ones

Following CyLab’s research into passwords, customer identity management firm Gigya commented below. Gigya works with brands such as Rolex, Coca-Cola and Red Bull to help them create mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at Gigya: “The news of CyLab’s research into passwords demonstrates the need for security awareness when it comes to …


Barclays To Abolish Telephone Banking Passwords

Following the news that Barclays is abolishing passwords for its telephone banking customers, Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at customer identity management experts Gigya commented below. Gigya works with brands such as Coca-Cola and Dell to help them create mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at Gigya:  “The news that Barclays …


Modernise Authentication Methods Or Suffer The Consequences

Even the technology that promises to unite us, divides us. Dan Brown, Angels & Demons The way digital enterprises connect with their customers is changing. Consumers are demanding more trusted and personalised experiences in exchange for their personally-identifiable information (PII), while businesses are struggling to protect user privacy in light of growing global security and privacy …


Expert Comments on Privacy Shield Agreement Approved By European Governments

Following the news that European governments have approved the Privacy Shield agreement, Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at Gigya commented below. For some background, Gigya works with brands such as Coca-Cola and Dell to help them establish mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and correctly store customer data. Richard Lack, director of sales, EMEA at Gigya: …


UK Business Data Regulation

With the UK heading to the polls, businesses across the country have raised concerns over leaving the European Union.  Richard Lack, director of sales, EMEA, at Gigya commented below. Richard Lack, Director of Sales, EMEA at Gigya: “With the EU Referendum results looming, there have been anxieties over how the UK would form data privacy regulations should we …