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Ricardo VilladiegoAfter more than a decade in the IT security sector, Ricardo Villadiego decided to take a risk and start a security company of his own. The result is Easy Solutions, a state-of-the-art and creative business that is a reflection of the man who runs it. Ricardo sought to build a company with a highly-motivated group of engineers free to unleash their imaginations and think up fresh and original solutions to confront the constantly evolving threat landscape of the internet. Flexible and agile, the Easy Solutions team can adapt, change course, and most importantly take care of any electronic security problem quickly. This hardworking team, affectionately dubbed the “Easy Solvers”, follow in their leader’s easygoing but results-oriented footsteps, working their tails off but always leaving some time to relax and bust some dance moves or play a quick game of soccer.

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Articles by Ricardo Villadiego

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