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john_walkerVisiting Professor at the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Visiting Professor/Lecturer at the University of Slavonia [to 2015], Independent Consultant, Practicing Expert Witness, ENISA CEI Listed Expert, Editorial Member of the Cyber Security Research Institute (CRSI), Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS), Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA), Board Advisor to the Digital Trust, Writer for SC Magazine UK, Originator of DarkWeb Threat Intelligence, CSIRT, Attack Remediation and Cyber Training Service/Platform, Accreditation Assessor and Academic Practitioner and Accredited Advisor to the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences in the area of Digital/Cyber Forensics.

Twitter: @SBLTD 

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Articles by Professor John Walker

Entering A Word In The Oxford On-Line Dictionary

There is no doubt that, to have a word included in any form of recognised Dictionary, the lexical representation must meet the rigour of being: Common to language in conversational terms Must cross the boundaries of being meaningful to the majority Must have relational context And of course, the word in focus must spring from …


Digital Forensic And Investigation Capabilities

A question I often get asked relating to Digital Forensic and Investigation Capabilities is ‘what tools are required?’ – a question which is both easy, and difficult to answer. Easy, because the answer is ‘everything’ you need to ‘accomplish’ the task. Hard because, it is dependent on two factors which are as follows: The level …

Internet Security War?

Internet Of Falsification

On the 29th of November 2017 I attended an interview with BBC East Midlands Today covering the cruel event of a teenage girl who had been fed, what turned out to be an overdose of drugs, and who was then driven around on the back seat of a car up to the point she died. …


The Ultimate Price Political Correctness (PC)

I like many others I have been saddened and outranged by the occurrences which took place in Manchester, and in London, with the loss of so many lives in the name of the Islamic faith. However, before I get into this article please, please let us be clear that this is not a matter of …


When Is Enough Enough?

At around 14:00 hrs on the 12th of May 2017 saw, what was yet again a cyber-situation of unprecedented magnitude when the NHS, at the outset, suffered a cyber-attack against 16 authorities, which utilized ransomware as the logical weapon of choice – an attack which quickly spread to around 100 countries to infect global targets ranging from commercial organizations to …

Threat Intelligence

Historical General Knowledge

Let’s start the article with a little general knowledge question from 2009 – which of the following statements from way then is the most accurate in respect to the state of the UK economy and what it was suffering: a) Economic Downturn, b) Global Recession, or c) Diminished GDP. My assertion is most, if not all readers will …


That #Cloud Thing

We live in the age of economic downturn, placing both the Private and Public Sectors in a very tight financial corner. This same economic downturn has been driving Commercial, and Government leaders to seek out opportunities to reduce spend, to balance the organisational books a little closer to the black side of the accounting scale. …


Step Up To The Pragmatic Cyber Security Challenge

There is a shortage of skill in the disciplines of Cybersecurity – but at the same time, such skills are in high demand, driven by the high levels of Cyber-Attacks, Cyber Criminality, and regular breaches and compromises of big name organizations. Thus, companies are seeking out skills from qualified and competent professionals to assist with securing systems, data, and …


These Are Some Of My Favourite Things

As an Expert Witness, Digital Forensics First Responder Investigator, and a provider of specialist training in the disciplines of in-depth Cyber Security Management, and Digital Forensics and Investigations, to underpin both operational engagements, and my academic teaching, and training commitments in Dubai for Meirc, I need to selected a trusted tool-sets and utilities to support …


The Ever-Growing Cyber Risk

Multiples of past and present crime surveys have confirmed the ongoing impact of Cyber Crime against business was, and is high, and were measured to have increased by an average of up to 25% on previous years of reporting, and were seeing financial losses increase by 18%+ and rising. However, these statistics only represent the known …