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john_walkerVisiting Professor at the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Visiting Professor/Lecturer at the University of Slavonia [to 2015], Independent Consultant, Practicing Expert Witness, ENISA CEI Listed Expert, Editorial Member of the Cyber Security Research Institute (CRSI), Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS), Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA), Board Advisor to the Digital Trust, Writer for SC Magazine UK, Originator of DarkWeb Threat Intelligence, CSIRT, Attack Remediation and Cyber Training Service/Platform, Accreditation Assessor and Academic Practitioner and Accredited Advisor to the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences in the area of Digital/Cyber Forensics.

Twitter: @SBLTD 

John Walker is also our Expert Panel member.  To find out more about our panel members visit the biographies page.

Articles By Professor John Walker

The Box of Odd-Bedfellows

Curly Hair Don’t Work for Security Awareness

The Imagination of Security

That’s Where The Money Is

The New Bahrain CyberCrime Law Is Going To Raise The Bar

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Child Abuse on the Web – Time to Act

WiFi Series Part 2 – Access All Areas

Mobile Devices Deserve More Respect, Security

Looking Beyond the Surface of Security Culture

A Testament of Security

Richard Clarke and Courageous Dissidence

Defining Research Priorities in Cyber Security

2015 Security Biscuit

Black Sabbath

Mixed Messages

The SME And Understanding The Cyber-Exposure And Known Knowns

The Theoretical World Of Known Knowns And The Tesco Heist

Web Bait to Misery

Just What Planet Are We On?

The Shifting Landscape Of Cyber Threat

The Ever-Growing Cyber Risk

These Are Some Of My Favourite Things

Step Up To The Pragmatic Cyber Security Challenge

That #Cloud Thing

Historical General Knowledge

When Is Enough Enough?

The Ultimate Price Political Correctness (PC)

Internet Of Falsification

Digital Forensic And Investigation Capabilities

Entering A Word In The Oxford On-Line Dictionary

Mind The Gap

Find Out First

Dark Matter

Public Cyber Security Awareness

Bubble-Ness Of Wrongs

Brasil Cyber Security Summit July 2018

Have We Reached The Tipping-Point?

Long Cast Phishing

ISMG Security Summit

Drummer Boy Complex

The Age Of Cyber-Politik

Another short blog for Christmas

The Security Edge Of Digital Transformation

Just A Bag Of Nails

Action AGAINST Online Child Abuse Images

Poacher Enabled Cyber Resilience

Internet Safety – The Unforgotten Mass Of Small Users

Spy Planet – Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, People!

High Value Data, High Exposure

Blue Whale – Still Offering Advice

High Value Data, High Exposure

Blue Whale – Still Offering Advice

NHS 10 – IT 4

Open Source Intelligence [OSINT] And Insecurity

Process, Secure Storage And The First Responder

Paliscope Visit

Paliscope And The Safer Society Growing Out Of Gothenburg

The Next Generation Of Agnostic Cloud Security Delivered By cloudAshur

The Future Of Evolution

Dubai 2020


From Toys To Terror – Don’t Look Back

Pandemic – Evolution Of New Age Working

Astronomer To Cyber Wizardry

The Fundamentals Of COVID-19 Risk Assessment

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