Hitoshi Kokumai

Hitoshi-KokumaiPresident at Mnemonic Security,Inc.

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Articles by Hitoshi Kokumai

Confused Reports Still Circulating Rampantly

– Biometrics Co-Used with Password – On a number of tech media still circulating so rampantly are confused reports about the password and biometrics deployed in cyberspace. We could assume that the people who circulate the befuddled perception may well have mixed up the following two views. A: Biometrics brings some security (better than nothing). …


Misuse of Biometrics – Blind Spot in Our Mind and False Sense of Security

“Logins are becoming more secure thanks to selfies, fingerprints and other biometric sensing.”  This is what many people apparently believe or are led to believe.  Let us analyze how certain we can be. Blind Spot in Our Mind  &  Eye-Opening Experience Let us imagine that we are watching two models of smart phones – Model …