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Paul Cooney is the Founder and President of Shamrock Consulting Group, the leader in technical procurement for telecommunications, data communications, data center, SD WAN consultants, dark fiber and cloud procurement services. He found early success selling fixed wireless for Teligent, Inc. in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Seeking stability during the tumultuous burst of the dot-coms and ubiquitous telecom bankruptcies, he headed out West to Hermosa Beach, CA and worked for AT&T as an enterprise sales representative. Paul worked his way up to the top rep in the country and took over the struggling Los Angeles sales team, turning them into one of the best in the country within 6 months. In 2008, Paul left AT&T to create Shamrock after noticing a large gap in the industry for an independent direct sales agency with the capability of selling any product from any provider.

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Articles by Paul Cooney

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