Patrick Kerpan

Patrick Kerpan, CEO at Cohesive Networks, is responsible for directing product, technology, and corporate strategy. Mr. Kerpan also directly shapes the product development and product support teams. As a co-founder, Mr. Kerpan has been leading the Cohesive Networks direction since 2008.
Mr. Kerpan has more than 20 years of software experience and is one of Cohesive Networks’ founders. Previously, he was the CTO of Borland Software Corp which he joined in 2000 through the acquisition of Bedouin, Inc., a company that he founded. Mr. Kerpan was also the VP and general manager of the Developer Services Platform group at Borland, where he was instrumental in leading the Borland acquisition of StarBase in 2003. Before founding Bedouin, Inc., Mr. Kerpan was a managing director responsible for derivatives technology at multiple global investment banks.
Patrick Kerpan is a recognized Cloud and networking thought leader. Along with the Cohesive Networks team, he regularly organizes and co-hosts CloudCamp events in Chicago and London. Mr. Kerpan recently spoke at the ACG investor forum Europe, TIA Dallas, Secure360 Twin Cities, and CSA EMEA 2015. He has contributed content published in Wired Innovation Insights, SDN Central, and IBM Partner World, as well several technical white papers and the eBook “Cloud Memoirs – Views from Above, Inside, and Below”

Articles by Patrick Kerpan

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