Kirsten Bay

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kirstenKirsten Bay is redefining what it means to be a fearless leader in the technology industry. She is an accomplished, bilingual executive, transforming the cyber security space. As President and CEO of Cyber adAPT, she leverages more than 25 years of experience, leading her team with risk intelligence, information management, and policy expertise across a variety of sectors.

Throughout her career, Kirsten has been appointed to a congressional committee developing cyber policies, initiatives and recommendations for the intelligence community. She has developed recommendations in partnership with the Center for North American Studies (CNAS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for The White House energy policy, and collaborated on information studies for MIT-Harvard and several federal agencies. She has gone before a parliamentary subcommittee on recreating trust in the global economy, presented national security and critical infrastructure concepts at conferences such as Black Hat, Secured Americas, Enterprise Architecture Institute, SC World Congress, and the Eurim Information Management Committee. She has also spoken on applied economics and its relationship to both cyber and national security around the world.

Articles by Kirsten Bay

You Wouldn’t Put A Four-Year-Old In Charge Of Security… Would You?

Kirsten Bay, CEO and President of Cyber adAPT outlines the limitations of AI in cyber security and why the human brain remains our greatest asset in the battle against attacks Let’s start by stating the obvious, shall we? Cyber security is a huge issue. According to official statistics, 90 per cent of all large organisations …


Is The Tesco Bank Hack The Wakeup Call Needed To Make Mobile Security A Priority?

The recent Tesco Bank hack has left the retail banking world reeling, searching for answers and more effective ways to secure networks against future attacks. It has been revealed weaknesses in the bank’s mobile applications left the door open for cybercriminals to brute force their way in and take more than £2.5 million of customers’ …


Cybersecurity Expert Available To Discuss Trump’s Cybersecurity Plan

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump emphasised how crucial cybersecurity would be to his administration. With only weeks until Trump is inaugurated, it is time for him to deliver on his promise to defend the USA from malicious cyber-attacks. As a previous congressional committee member, Kirsten Bay, President and CEO of Cyber adAPT, believes that Trump’s four-part …

executing an IoT strategy

CISOs: Five Ways To Ramp Up Your Security Strategy

Every day, and usually without organisations realising it, their networks are being breached. With confidential information exposed to the wrong eyes, secrets can become commodities capable of ruining well held reputations. We live in a world where network incidents are so common that no one can deny their existence. As attacks proliferate, problems mount. With …


Should Women In Tech Obscure Their Gender?

In light of the recent Wall Street Journal article by John Greathouse arguing that ‘Women in Tech’ should obscure their gender by using just their initials online, President and CEO of Cyber adAPT commented below. The below comment looks at how the issue of ‘Women in Tech’ has become outdated and should be irrelevant in an industry that is evolving …