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Kemal Balioglu, Vice President of Products at Quorum Kemal Balioglu leads the product team for Quorum, building on more than 15 years of global leadership in the software industry at companies ranging from startup phase to Fortune 100 and in various domains including automation, security, energy management, and data protection.He has extensive experience in building teams that deliver high quality and easy to use products, and driving technology integration both within and across companies.Prior to joining Quorum, Kemal was at Symantec where he was responsible for deduplication and new backup technologies for NetBackup, including bringing to market the first deduplication appliance for Symantec.Kemal previously led teams at Shavlik Technologies (now LANDesk) and Siemens in U.S. and Europe, and holds a M.S. EE from Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany).

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Articles by Kemal Balioglu

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