Jörg Lamprecht

joerg_lamprecht_CEO_dedroneCEO, Co-Founder, Dedrone

In 1996, while still studying maths and computer sciences at the University of Kassel, Jörg Lamprecht set up his first company, Only Solutions GmbH, with Rene Seeber and another fellow-student. The software company really lived up to its name: one of the products it developed was the first search engine for pictures on the internet, which was used – among other things – to trace missing children. Only Solutions was later renamed Cobion and now belongs to IBM. In 2006, Jörg founded Qitera. In 2011, he discovered the emerging market for drones and responded by founding Aibotix, a company that produces unmanned aircraft for professional use by surveyors and engineers. Aibotix was sold to the Hexagon group from Sweden in February 2014. At Dedrone, Jörg uses his expertise as founder and manager for leading the areas business development, sales and marketing. His special focus is on setting up international partner and distribution networks.

Articles by Jörg Lamprecht

The Use of Drones

The Pros and Cons of Active and Passive Drone Countermeasures

 The rapid development of drone technology and growing awareness of their potential threat has lead to a burgeoning drone detection market. Technology providers offer reliable detection mechanisms, but now organizations face a new challenge: How do you respond to an alert? Each drone countermeasure has its own pros and cons, and choosing the right one …

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The Use of Drones

Protecting the Sky with Drone Detection Systems

Gone are the days when companies only had to worry about valuable documents leaving the building in a pocket or briefcase. Today, sensitive and proprietary information can move across networks in digital format – and even be plucked out of these networks from the sky. The need for intrusion detection has expanded beyond the front …