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Jonathan Parker-Bray_July 2016.jpgCEO at Criptyque, makers of Pryvate

Pryvate is the only fully secure mobile platform that allows all business and personal communications to remain private and free from hacking. Pryvate’s Triple Layered RSA 4096, AES 256 and DH encryption and industry leading encrypted architecture ensures it is impossible to leak or hack into its users’ email, instant messages, video and voice calls. The Pryvate platform consists of Pryvate, Pryvate Pro and Pryvate Enterprise.

Criptyque offers two services within the app, Pryvate and Pryvate Pro. Pryvate is free and allows totally unlimited voice calls, instant messenger, receiving (but not initiating) conference or video calls. Pryvate Pro is a paid upgrade that includes all the original features plus initiating video and conference call facilities, email functionalities, anti-blocking enabling communication through tough firewalls and customer service benefits. Pryvate Enterprise provides users with a secure IP desktop phone to ensure all voice and video calls remain private plus the advantages of Pryvate Pro. Pryvate was founded by CEO Jonathan Parker-Bray and is fully owned by Criptyque Limited, a privately held company incorporated in Jersey, placing it outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Articles by Jonathan Parker-Bray

Google Allo And The Threat It Poses To Individual Privacy

Following the news about the Google Allo launch and the threats it poses to individual privacy, Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder of Pryvate commented below. Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder at Pryvate: On the surface Google Allo seems like the smart assistant that consumers have been dreaming of. It parses your messages, finishes sentences for you, suggests …

Enterprise Applications

German Intelligence Services Surveillance Leak

With the recent revelations about the extent of additional data gathering by the German Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND) from a leaked classified report written by the Federal Data Protection Commission. Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO of encrypted communications solution at Pryvate commented below. Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO at Pryvate: Given the regular revelations about the surveillance activity of nation …


WhatsApp’s Move To Share Personal Data

Following the news that WhatsApp’s public move to start sharing users’ personal data, including phone numbers to parent company Facebook, Jonathan Parker-Bray CEO and Founder at Pryvate commented below on the potential security concerns this raises.  Jonathan Parker-Bray CEO and Founder at Pryvate: “Over a billion WhatsApp users are currently being notified of a significant change to WhatsApp’s privacy …


Government Report On The Investigatory Powers Bill

In response to the announced report on the Investigatory Powers Bill by David Anderson QC, Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO commented below. Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO at Pryvate: “It is interesting to see this report on the Investigatory Powers Bill go live, as we have been saying for quite some time that this bill requires …


Securing The Healthcare Industry With End-To-End Encryption

The easily accessible, highly valuable nature of healthcare records is seeing people’s most personal data becoming increasingly accessible to cybercriminals. No other single record bank contains as much Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as that held by healthcare organisations, which makes this data invaluable to hackers. Nowhere else are hackers able to get their hands on …

The problem isn't End-to-End Encryption

The problem isn’t End-to-End Encryption, Its Cheap Mobile Phones

There has been lots of discussion in the past two weeks, which is sure to continue; about the role that end-to-end encryption plays in criminal and terrorist activity around the world. One of the common misconceptions in these stories is that end-to-end encryption technology can effectively allow people to ‘go dark’ and communicate invisibly. In …

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The New Investigatory Powers Bill

The New Investigatory Powers Bill

With the announcement of the details of the new Investigatory Powers Bill, Security experts from Pryvate and techUK have the following comments on this critical topic.

Making App-Makers Provide "Back Doors"

Government Rules out Making App-Makers Provide “Back Doors”

Baroness Shields, a former Facebook executive and technology advisor to the current government made some interesting comments about the rise of end-to-end encryption solutions, and confirming the government had ruled out making app-makers include “back doors” into their software. Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO of Criptyque makers of Pryvate, a government grade end-to-end encrypted communications solution. Jonathan …

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