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Jonathan Parker-Bray_July 2016.jpgCEO at Criptyque, makers of Pryvate

Pryvate is the only fully secure mobile platform that allows all business and personal communications to remain private and free from hacking. Pryvate’s Triple Layered RSA 4096, AES 256 and DH encryption and industry leading encrypted architecture ensures it is impossible to leak or hack into its users’ email, instant messages, video and voice calls. The Pryvate platform consists of Pryvate, Pryvate Pro and Pryvate Enterprise.

Criptyque offers two services within the app, Pryvate and Pryvate Pro. Pryvate is free and allows totally unlimited voice calls, instant messenger, receiving (but not initiating) conference or video calls. Pryvate Pro is a paid upgrade that includes all the original features plus initiating video and conference call facilities, email functionalities, anti-blocking enabling communication through tough firewalls and customer service benefits. Pryvate Enterprise provides users with a secure IP desktop phone to ensure all voice and video calls remain private plus the advantages of Pryvate Pro. Pryvate was founded by CEO Jonathan Parker-Bray and is fully owned by Criptyque Limited, a privately held company incorporated in Jersey, placing it outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

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Articles by Jonathan Parker-Bray

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