John Suit

John SuitJohn is Chief Technology Officer at Trivalent, where he explores and architects contemporary technologies that drive innovation. John previously served in both founding and executive roles at leading-edge technology companies such as Xceedium Inc., Silent Runner Inc., and Nano Network Engines. He holds over 22 U.S. and International Patents in Information Security Analysis, Cyber Defense, Ontological Inference systems, Splice Code Collaboration Analysis and Securing Cloud Environments, with an additional 8 patents pending.

Articles by John Suit

PlayStation Network Breach

News has broken that an elite hacker group, OurMine, claims to have hacked into Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) and successfully stolen user information. While OurMine has publicly stated they don’t intend to use the data maliciously, the potential impact of this breach is vast because anyone who uses a PlayStation 4 online accesses the PSN. …


Source: Chicago Voter Data Breach

A leading supplier of U.S. voting machines has confirmed the exposure of data from more than 1.8M Illinois residents. This included voter names, addresses, birth dates and partial Social Security numbers. John Suit, CTO at Trivalent, a leading provider of next generation data protection provides an insight on this breach below. John Suit, CTO at Trivalent: “The …


Data Security Tips For Patient Safety Awareness Week

This week, U.S. healthcare organizations celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week,which is traditionally focusedon reducing patient harm during on-site medical care. What many fail to consider is that information security is also a critical component of patient safety. An organization’s inattention to cybersecurity can be dangerous to patients, affecting their safety, identity and financial welfare. IBM …