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Keep Calm And Carry On In The Wake Of The ‘Krack Attack’ Discovery

Last month, the news that a WPA2 vulnerability was discovered by a researcher from the University of Leuven, hit the headlines. Hailed as one of the most potentially devastating security threats ever found, this universal vulnerability affects the protocol that protects modern Wi-Fi networks, subsequently leaving all Wi-Fi enabled devices open for attackers to decrypt …


Critical National Infrastructure Is Coming Under Attack From Cyber Criminals

Following the news that Critical National Infrastructure is coming under attack from cyber criminals, Joep Gommers, CEO at EclecticIQ commented below. Joep Gommers, CEO at EclecticIQ: “With the threat landscape evolving, and attacks becoming ever-more sophisticated, having time to stop and think about the actor behind the malicious intent may seem like a luxury. However, businesses and governments need …