Joe Ferrara

President and CEO, Wombat Security Technologies, Inc.

Joe Ferrara is the President & CEO of Wombat Security Technologies, a leading security awareness training and assessment company. Joe has provided expert commentary and has spoken at numerous information security industry events including the CISO Executive Network forum, ISSA International and regional conferences. He brings over 20 years of experience in technology marketing, operations and management to his role at Wombat. His previous roles include President, CEO and Chairman of Tollgrade Communications, CEO of Marconi Communications North America and General Manager of Ericsson’s Wireless Software & Services and Routing & Switching Divisions. Joe is also a Board Member of Voci Technologies.

Articles by Joe Ferrara

Oversharing Can Disclose More Than You Think

Mark Zuckerberg made headlines last year when a photo he posted on Facebook showed tape over his webcam on his laptop in the background. And an image of Steve Bannon recently made the rounds after a third-party posted a photo on his social accounts with Bannon’s whiteboard in the background. While Zuckerberg was exhibiting strong …

1 in 3 employees will sell company data for cash

Trained Employees Are The Best Defense In The Cyber Security War

Not long ago, the Department of Homeland Security directed extra attention to voter registration hacking threats. The recent news that the Arizona voter registration hack came from an email that looked like it was from an employee reignites the conversation on the importance of cyber security training, particularly among government agencies. This seemingly minor user misstep points to the detrimental …


Phishing Hits New 12-Year High, Indicates ‘Alarming Trend’

In its newest Phishing Activity Trends Report, the APWG noted a 250% increase in phishing sites between October 2015 and March 2016 — and the 2016 uptick indicates an alarming trend. Wombat CEO Joe Ferrara commented on this report below. Joe Ferrara, President and CEO at Wombat Security Technologies: Spam filters, blacklists, firewalls, and other technical …