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Javvad MalikJavvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault

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Should Google Be Doing More To Check Apps Amid WannaCry

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30 Million South Africans Exposed After Massive Data Breach

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Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Infecting Android Phones Via Google Play Store

Facebook Asks For Nudes To Stop Revenge Porn

Antivirus Software Doing The Complete Opposite And Spreading Malware

Bitcoin Gold Issues Critical Security Alert After Hacker Gains Access

100gb Of Data Leaked From National Credit Federation

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Ransomware Detection 101: Six Best Practices To Prevent Propagation And Minimize Damage

Starbucks WiFi Caught Mining Customers Laptops For Cryptocurrency

Angry Firefox Users Do Not Want Mr Robot Add-Ons

Hackers Make Public Huawei Zero-Day Vulnerability For Free

RubyMiner Malware Used To Mine Cryptocurrency From Outdated Windows And Linux Servers

Security Flaw Ignored By Uber That Renders “

Breaches To Financial Services Tripled Over Last Five Years

Why You Must Update Snapchat Even If You Hate The New Design!

UK Citizens In Danger Of Identity Theft Due To Negligence Towards Cyber Security

Cyber Crime Costing Londoners £26 Million Per Month

Cyber Criminals Prefer Targeting Microsoft Security Flaws Over Adobe

Over 1.5bn Sensitive Files Are Left Unprotected On The Internet

SunTrust Bank Employee Steals Critical Data On 1.5 Million Customers

8 Out Of 10 Android Shopping Apps Have Serious Security Flaws

Corporate Extortion And Ransomware The Biggest Concerns For CIOs Globally

Hackers Weaponize Secure USB Drives To Target Air-Gapped Critical Systems

Popular US Fast food Chain Hit By Data Breach

IoT And Malware The Biggest Worries Of Industrial Organisations

Gmail Messages Read By Third Parties

Met Police Sell £1bn In Property Due To Budget Cuts And The Impact On Cyber Crime

GovPayNow Data Leak

Iceland Suffers It Largest Ever Cyber-Attack

Cyber Wargames A Tactic Few Organisations Use To Promote Cyber Awareness – Deloitte Survey

Cyber Crime Fallen By 30% According To ONS

Third Parties Are A Rising Security Risk To Organisations

Hackers Steal $1 Million From Save The Children Foundation

Major Vulnerabilities Discovered Across Top Web Hosting Sites

Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange LocalBitcoins Suffers Security Breach

Nokia Owners In India Duped In Phishing Campaign…Offered A Car But End Up Losing A Lot Of Money

AT&T Cybersecurity Study Reveals Perception Vs Reality Of Cyberthreats

7 Real Security Predictions

Articles by Javvad Malik

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