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James Henry 2016Consulting Practice Director for Auriga.

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All TalkTalk And No Action

It seems staggering that a technology provider like TalkTalk should resort to ignorance as it’s line of defence and yet that’s just what the company did when faced with the results of the investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  The company ‘did not know’ the vulnerable web pages subjected to at least three separate SQL …


Submersive Security: How The Data Protection Efforts Of DCNS Were Torpedoed

What could shipbuilder DCNS have done to better protect its sensitive documents detailing the build specifications for the Scorpene submarine? James Henry, Consulting Practice Director for Auriga, looks at the lessons we should all take from the incident. News of a massive data leak affecting French shipbuilder DCNS emerged this week regarding the Scorpene submarine. …

Why manufacturing is about to face a new breed of cyber attack

Why Manufacturing is about to Face a new breed of Cyber Attack?

Manufacturing is already the golden goose as far as the cyber criminal is concerned, with the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report rating it as the third most highly targeted industry. But the motivation behind these attacks – and the way they are performed – could be about to shift. Threats have typically sought to …

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