Jackson Shaw


Jackson Shaw is senior director of product management at One Identity, an identity and access management company formerly under Dell. He has been involved with identity, directory and security initiatives for 25 years and co-authored the book “Identity and Access Management for Dummies.” He has spoken at popular industry security conferences, advised companies on their information security strategies, and written for publications such as CIO, Dark Reading, Information Security Buzz and EE Times on various cybersecurity topics.

Articles by Jackson Shaw


POTUS Twitter Taken Down Briefly By Employee On Last Day

It’s been reported that the Donald Trump’s presidential Twitter account was taken down by an employee who was on their last day. 40 Million followers disappeared from the account. Jackson Shaw, Sr Director of Products at One Identity commented below. Jackson Shaw, Sr Director of Products at One Identity: “The employee was able to go …


Your Wake-Up Call: What Your Calls Being “Recorded For Quality, Training And Verification Purposes” Really Means For Your Safety

“This call will be recorded for quality, training and verification purposes.” We hear this phrase, or variants of it, nearly every day. When we call a bank, an airline or in nearly any type of customer support situation. You may not even really hear it anymore. It’s now part of every recorded script: “Push 1 …


Lessons Learned From Yahoo’s Monumental Breach(es)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Yahoo has been in serious hot water lately. Two isolated breaches, disclosed separately from one another but totaling an impact of almost 1.5 billion users has caused a major blow to the tech giant’s reputation; so much so that Yahoo’s sale to Verizon is now …