Icaro Torres


Icaro Torres is a technologist of network computer and postgraduate in information security, that works with vulnerability analysis and security research in the iBLISS company. Before worked about 2,7 years with website hosting as technical support and audit/security of the systems hosted in the Datacenters of the company. He is contributing in the OWASP with translation projects and in the chapter in his city. He continuously studies about web application security, pentest and malware analysis.

Articles by Icaro Torres

Providing Fast Updates And Preventive Backup On WordPress With Command Line Tools

When we manage/administrate a WordPress (WP) website publicly accessible to the Internet, two things are important to considerate/thinking about in these days: The first one is that he implement the security patch in the newer versions, so to keep your website far from known (public) vulnerabilities is mandatory to continuous update the Core of the …


Hardening WordPress

That the CMS WordPress is a common choice in blog platforms everybody knows, but what we see is that this use most of the time is implemented with no security countermeasures (according to the OWASP Top Ten 2013 – The Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks, the category Security Misconfiguration is in the fifth …

Why I have to update my Wordpress?

Why I have to Update my WordPress?

The WordPress is a CMS specialized in blogging that is widely used in the world. It happens because it has one of the most easier installation processes and also has various types of plugins and themes (for free and payable) that allows the full personalization of the appearance and functionality of the web pages. The …