Harold Byun

Harold ByunHarold Byun is VP of product management at Skyhigh Networks. Prior to Skyhigh, he worked at MobileIron, where he focused on mobile application delivery and security. Prior to MobileIron, he led the product management group at Zenprise (acquired by Citrix), where he launched their mobile DLP product and cloud offering to market. He also worked with the Vontu/Symantec DLP group and is the co-inventor on a patent filed for security risk visualization and scoring.

Articles by Harold Byun

How Authentication and Trust Online are Evolving

Are Passwords Dead? How Authentication and Trust Online are Evolving

Almost every website and app relies on a username and password combination to authenticate users. And that system, which the Internet is built on, is crumbling. There are several factors that together are diminishing the effectiveness of passwords. First, computing power is increasing exponentially; the computing power needed to compromise a password through a brute-force …