Gunter Ollmann

gunter-ollmann_vectraGünter Ollmann is chief security officer at Vectra. He has nearly 30 years of information security experience in an array of cyber security consulting and research roles. Before joining Vectra, Günter was CTO of Domain Services at NCC Group, where he drove strategy behind the company’s generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program. He was also CTO at security consulting firm IOActive, CTO and vice president of research at Damballa, and chief security strategist at IBM. Günter is a widely respected authority on security issues and technologies and has researched, written and published hundreds of technical papers and bylined articles.

Originally, Günter had wanted to be an architect but he lost interest after designing retaining walls during a three-month internship. After that, he qualified as a meteorologist but was lured to the dark side of forecasting Internet threats and cyber attacks. His amazing ability to see dead people stoked an interest in history and first-millennium archaeology. Günter holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics and a Master of Sciences degree in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Auckland.

Articles by Gunter Ollmann

Ghost In The Shell Releases In Cinemas Across The UK

Following the news about Ghost in the Shell releases in cinemas across the UK, this futuristic sci-fi fantasy explores the realms and evolution of artificial intelligence and the power of the synergy between man and machine. Gunter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra Networks commented below. Gunter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra Networks:  “Just as Ghost in the Shell took its …


Verizon Deal With Yahoo £281m Less Than Originally Agreed

Verizon has reached a deal with Yahoo to buy the company’s core internet business for £281m less than originally agreed. Security is a strategic issue and needs to be included as part of any M&A due diligence. Gunter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra Networks commented below on the impact a breach can have on an organisation’s reputation and thus …

Hackers Spread Malware

Yahoo Sale Delayed Following Breach

Yahoo has released its Q4 earnings. The main takeaway being that the $4.8bn Verizon deal has been delayed to second quarter, largely believed to be due to the unreported cyber breach last year. This also opens up the likelihood of a renegotiation, which may impact its futures earnings, market valuation and reputation. Gunter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra …


InfoSec Skills Shortage: The No. 1 Threat To Internet Security

When asked a poorly bounded question such as “What is the biggest threat to Internet security?”, the majority of quick-fire answers can likely be represented by the flags of a handful of nation states. Certainly the front-of-mind answer – identifying a cluster of hackers – represents a constant and escalating threat to business continuity and …

Cyber Attackers Posing as Legitimate Insiders Represent Greatest Security Risks

‘Moonlight’ Hackers Coordinating Targeted Attacks Against Entities In The Middle East

Vectra Networks has uncovered a hacking group (code named Moonlight) conducting cyberespionage against targets in the Middle East. Vectra has identified over two hundred samples of malware generated by the group over the last two years.  Key findings: The attacks are themed around Middle Eastern political issues and the motivation appears to relate to espionage, as …

.Bank Launch - is This the Safest Place for Banks on the Internet?

Expert Comment on .Bank Launch – is This the Safest Place for Banks on the Internet?

The new .bank gTLD has launched today in the US and promises to offer better online security for banks and their customers. But with the roll out of 1,400 new gTLDs, Gunter Ollmann from NCC Group comments on whether this is the safest place on the internet for banks to be. Gunter Ollmann, CTO of …