Gretel Egan

carl-eganGretel Egan is the eLearning and Marketing Content Manager for Wombat Security Technologies, a leading provider of security awareness and training solutions with proven results. She has nearly 20 years of experience researching and writing about topics relevant to both technical and consumer audiences.
Prior to her work with Wombat, she had a successful freelance marketing communications business and developed content for a variety of market leaders, including Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Whirlpool, Home Depot and Baccarat. Gretel also spent more than 10 years writing for telecommunications organizations, holding marketing positions with Ericsson, Marconi, and Black Box.

Articles by Gretel Egan

Hackers: How Much do they Really Make?

March Madness Is A Winning Play For Hackers

For fans of NCAA Men’s Basketball, there may be no greater sign of spring than Selection Sunday. Now that the matchups have been announced, the madness of March can begin — cue the filling out of brackets, the submitting of personal information and online transferring of money for betting purposes. But for hackers, this time …


Business Email Compromise: When Hackers (and Competitors) Attack

You surely don’t need us to tell you that business email compromise (BEC) attacks are on the rise. But are you aware of how dramatic the increase has been? The FBI released an alert on April 4 that included some sobering statistics about fraudulent wire transfer requests: Organizations lost more than $2.3 billion to these types of …

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Parents and Students Should Know about Cyber Security Facts and Tips

Back-to-school season brings many changes: new places, new routines, new friends…and new cyber security risks. As supplies are purchased and bags are packed, it’s important to commit cyber security facts and tips to memory. In the first three months of 2015, the phishing alert system was activated more than 50 million times on computers that …