Gavin Millard

Gavin-MillardGavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA, Tenable Network Security

Gavin is a trained, ethical hacker who works with medium and large enterprises to address their cybersecurity challenges. With a deep understanding of how attackers plot a breach, he helps bring these companies to a trusted state of IT infrastructure. He previously worked as the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) technical director for Tripwire. He has also spoken frequently on data integrity, hacking and other key security topics. Current Position: As Technical Director, EMEA, Gavin is involved with the major clients in the EMEA region, helping to manage and reduce their attack surface.

Articles by Gavin Millard

NCA Report That Free Hacking Tools ‘Help Young Into Cyber-Crime’

The UK’s National Crime Agency has published details of its report detailing why it believes young-offenders are turning to cyber crime, Gavin Millard, EMEA Technical Director at Tenable Network Security commented below. Gavin Millard, EMEA Technical Director at Tenable Network Security: “While I agree that mentorship and positive opportunities can go a long way toward encouraging the next generation …

New Android Malware Floods Devices

Evil Malware Turns Antivirus Software Against PCs

A new proof-of-concept exploit known as DoubleAgent can not only hijack third-party Windows antivirus software, but use said software to deliver further attacks. While there’s no evidence that the exploit has made its way into the wild yet, most antivirus programs are still completely susceptible to it. Gavin Millard, EMEA Technical Director at Tenable Network …


Malware Can Now Detect Virtual Machines

Following the recent news of a new malware which is able to sniff out that it currently resides on a virtual machine, Gavin Millard,  Technical Director EMEA at Tenable Network Security commented below. Gavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA  at Tenable Network Security: “This new form of malware isn’t anything vastly different to what researchers have been observing …


Another Flash Zero-Day Exploited In Targeted Attacks

Following the news that another Flash zero-day is being exploited in the wild and users have days to wait for a fix, Gavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA at Tenable Network Security commented below. Gavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA at Tenable Network Security: “It’s becoming ever more critical that organisations reduce their reliance on Flash within the …


We’re Going on a Threat Hunt: Why enterprise cybersecurity reminds me of a classic children’s book

For more than 25 years Michael Rosen’s charming story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” has captured the imaginations of millions, transporting readers on an adventure to “catch a big one” while overcoming a series of challenges along the way. With new threats encountered at every turn, this epic childhood quest is not too dissimilar …