Gary Southwell

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Gary S photoThe data never lies when it comes to security breaches. With over 25 years of strategic business and security product planning, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge to the High Performance Product team. Prior to joining CSPi Gary co-founded Seceon, a threat detection and management company. Having previously served as the CTO at BTI Systems and the GM at Juniper Networks, Gary has developed an art for crafting solutions to solve big data security and reliable content delivery architecture.

Articles by Gary Southwell

A Message To Security Professionals: You Don’t Need Big Data, You Need Focused Data

The “Big Data” movement has made its way into every facet of business, especially the security organization. There is an expectation to protect all parts of the enterprise infrastructure, including network, endpoints, cloud, virtual machines and more. Leaving the pure volume of data to monitor, analyze and protect across the enterprise framework a nearly impossible …