Francis Turner

Francis TurnerFrancis Turner has worked for over 20 years in the IT and data communication industries, starting with a stint at IBM in the mid 1980s before reading Computer Science at Cambridge University. Subsequently he worked for Madge Networks and Bay Networks. After the latter merged with Nortel, he became the European Product Manager for their enterprise switching division. In 2001 he left Nortel Networks to be CIO at a small biotech company that was seminal in the use of computation in the analysis and creation of new enzymatic processes. Most recently he worked at a consultancy firm assisting ICT companies with their multinational product marketing and business development.

Articles by Francis Turner

Worms in your Apple

There may be Worms in your Apple

An MS-ISAC Cyber Security Advisory issued on September 18 states that multiple vulnerabilities in Apple products could allow remote code execution: “Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Apple iOS and iTunes…These vulnerabilities can be exploited if a user visits or is redirected to a specially crafted webpage or opens a specially crafted file, including an …