Duncan Hughes

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Duncan Hughes, System Engineering Director, EMEA at A10 Networks

Articles by Duncan Hughes

How Service Providers Win: Strength Through Security

Picture this: your services get taken out by a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. In the always on, on-demand world, customers won’t tolerate any downtime, even just a few seconds. It may as well be an engraved invitation for your customers to flee to your competitors. Along with the loss of customer satisfaction …

Advanced Cyber Attacks that Hide in SSL Traffic

What Lies Beneath: Advanced Cyber Attacks that Hide in SSL Traffic

No company is immune to the risk of cyber attacks and the resulting loss of customer information. Network security solutions can reduce the risk of attack, but these solutions face an unexpected adversary: SSL encryption. While SSL encryption improves privacy and integrity, it also creates a blind spot in corporate defences. Today, roughly half of …

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