Dror Liwer

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Dror_hiresChief Security Officer, Coronet

Dror is the co-founder and Chief Security Officer of Coronet. He has extensive management, business development and technological experience building and leading technology-centric, client-facing organizations. As a senior technology executive, he has a proven track record of building organizations, motivating teams, and working with senior non-technology executives, applying his unique blend of strategic direction-setting and tactical execution capabilities.

Articles by Dror Liwer

SecureCloud: Looking At All Sides Of The Cloud Security Narrative

Introduction We are all witnesses to the changes that the IT landscape is undergoing. Critical infrastructures, applications, and data are moving to the cloud, leveraging either public, private or hybrid cloud deployments. According to Gartner,“Cloud-first, and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance that dominated many large providers in recent years. The aggregate amount …


DarkHotel: Give Us All Your Data and Enjoy Your Stay

Notes from the Battlefield: Cybercriminals vs. Business Travelers and How to Keep Your Data Safe It used to be that a business trip was just a business trip, complete with pay-per-view TV in bed, tiny bottles of shampoo and room service for anyone feeling extravagant.  Yet in today’s era of global business travel, mobile devices, …

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