Dr. Sandra Bell


Sandra is a seasoned risk and business continuity professional with over 25 years’ experience of the design and management of risk, continuity and security solutions in public and private sectors.

Her experience ranges from the management of risk and the protection of data within the UK’s main business process outsourcer to the financial and government sectors; to the protection of the largest part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

She also has first-hand experience of managing incident response and disaster recovery activities from the management of high profile DDoS attacks to severe flooding incidents.

Articles by Dr. Sandra Bell

The 5 Gotchas Of Cyber Incidents

Not a week goes by without a cyber-incident hitting the press. TalkTalk, Carphone Warehouse and Ashley Maddison are the most recent but unless the response is handled correctly they will end up costing the victim far more than the perpetrator initially intended. The principles of responding to cyber incidents are no different to responding to …