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Dr. Galina Datskovsky, CRM, FAI and serial entrepreneur is an internationally recognized privacy, compliance and security expert. Galina is currently the CEO of Vaporstream®, a position where she applies her knowledge and strategic guidance in building businesses, product development, governance policies and cyber security. Formerly Senior Vice President of Information Governance at HP, SVP and GM Information Governance at CA, CEO of MDY Advanced Technologies. She served as Chair, President, President Elect and Director of ARMA International (2007-2013). She was inducted into the company of fellows in 2014.Galina currently sits on the advisory board of the Executive Woman’s Forum and is part of the Voice Privacy Alliance. She is a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit as she has serves on boards of multiple startups, assisting with strategy and continues to support the startup community. She has been widely published in academic journals and speaks frequently at various industry conferences.

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Facebook Scandal – A Call To Be More Vigilant About Your Privacy

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