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Life Imitating Art: Artificial Intelligence Technology Won’t Progress Unless The Public’s Fears Subside

The rise of the digital assistant The world around us is becoming more automated than ever before, with many of us increasingly leaning on digital assistants such as Cortana, Echo and Siri to run our lives. Before too long it is highly likely that our cars will be driverless, fridges will restock and our homes …


Vehicle Technology And Aviation Bill: Manufacturers Must Also Take Responsibility

Following the news that Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill unveiled the need for insurance to covers drivers both when they are in control and when the vehicle is in charge. Dik Vos, CEO at SQS commented below. Dik Vos, CEO at SQS: “While the benefits of self-driving vehicles speak for themselves, there are currently a few teething problems with these …


Keeping Autonomous Vehicles On The Road To Success

There was a virtual traffic jam of automotive brands and other tech heavyweights announcing their latest self-drive car initiatives at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with everyone from BMW to Hyundai announcing they were investing heavily in driverless vehicle technology. BMW is focusing on automating every aspect of the driving experience by …

The Use of Drones

Drones Pose A Very Real Security Threat To Uncontrolled Airspace

Following the news about the football-sized drone which has been flown 20m from a Heathrow-bound plane, Dik Vos, CEO at SQS commented below how drones pose a very real security threat to society and how laws must be created to protect uncontrolled airspace against hostile drones. Dik Vos, CEO at SQS: “The UK government spends millions of …


Automation: Why Humanity Is Vital

Automation is becoming commonplace around the world and across most industries. The manufacturing sector, for example, is expecting global sales of industrial robots to almost double in volume by 2018. In the home, revenue from the home automation segment is expected to hit over $6 million this year and show an annual growth rate of …