David Wray

David WrayDavid Wray is a certified TigerScheme SST, with twenty years experience in technical Internet security. Beginning his career with the Peapod Group as a Firewall Engineer, David went on to found Sec-Tec Ltd in 2000, which specialises in penetration testing and technical assessment services. David is a guest expert on LBC radio, and can often be heard providing insight into information security news and current affairs.

Articles by David Wray

Penetration Testing FAQs

Cyber Security in the 21st Century: Penetration Testing FAQs

You’ve heard about penetration testing, but you’re not sure what to ask or where to start. Here are some of the questions you should ask, and the answers you should get from a testing company. What Is A Penetration test? Logical question. But, not too many people ask this one. You should. A pen test …