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Dave NicholsonDave Nicholson,Technical Sales Consultant at Axial Systems

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Network Security Is No Game, But A Layered Approach Will Keep Businesses On The Leader Board

Remember the board game Mouse Trap? The objective of the game was for the mouse to capture the board, while other players defended the board by trying to manoeuvre the mouse onto trap space to prevent it from securing a win. Well, let us think of cyber criminals like the board game mouse. Most are …

Cloud Security

How Businesses Can Ensure A Smooth And Secure Transition To The Cloud

With the growing number of benefits the cloud can provide – greater scalability, reduced costs, easier access to applications – it’s unsurprising that more and more businesses move to the cloud each year. Over the next five years, more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be affected by this shift to the cloud, according …


Security – A Layered Approach

From a number of recent surveys, it’s clear that more and more organisations are happy to accept that they will suffer a network security breach at some point and it is simply a matter of time.  Clearing up the mess post-issue and how to do it seems to be the focus now – which is …