Cris Burnam

Cris BurnamCris Burnam has been working in the self-storage industry since 1987. He has served as president of StorageMart since founding the company with his brother, Mike Burnam, in 1999. Cris grew StorageMart from a single self-storage facility into the world’s largest privately owned self-storage company with 163 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Cris was named a 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Services and Real Estate category (Central Midwest region) — one of the highest honors an American entrepreneur can receive.

Articles by Cris Burnam

Back Up Everything in Physical Form

Stay Safe: Back Up Everything in Physical Form

A fierce storm blows through your town in the wee hours of the morning. Upon waking up a few hours later, you discover there appears to be no damage. You make it to your office, and as soon as you walk through the door, your secretary looks at you with a terrified look. “Everything is gone! The power must have fried …