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CraigYoungCraig Young is a computer security researcher with Tripwire’s Vulnerability and Exposures Research Team (VERT). He has identified and responsibly disclosed dozens of vulnerabilities in products from Google, Amazon, IBM, NETGEAR, Adobe, HP, Apple, and others. His research has resulted in numerous CVE assignments and repeated recognition in the Google Application Security Hall of Fame. Craig’s presentations on Google authentication weaknesses have led to considerable security improvements for all Google users. Craig won in track 0 and track 1 of the first ever SOHOpelessly Broken contest at DEF CON 22 by demonstrating 10 0-day flaws in SOHO wireless routers. His research into iOS WiFi problems more recently exposed CVE-2015-3728 that could allow devices to inadvertently connect to malicious hot spots. Craig has more recently turned his attention to a different part of the wireless spectrum with research into home automation products as well as RFID/NFC technology.


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