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chris-dyeChris Dye, VP Marketing and Communications at Glasswall

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Europe’s Banking System Needs Active Management Of Cyber-Security Borders

Trump, Brexit and the lingering after-shocks of the credit crisis – banking in Europe is under heavy scrutiny at the moment as it copes with all the pressure.  Yet the wise heads concerned about the resilience of the banking system are also now focusing on cyber-security, with much discussion of how to use testing to …


When It Comes To Cyber Security, Firms Must Prove Due Diligence Or Be Passed Up For Partnership

In terms of business risks, data breaches and cyber-crime in general are quickly marching up the list of priorities for companies around the world. For businesses at the enterprise level, this concern is manifesting itself in the increasing pressure they are forcing on their suppliers to prove they are practicing due diligence when it comes …


Don’t Be The Weakest Link: Protecting Your Supply Chain From Targeted Malware Attacks

Every senior manager knows that falling prey to a malware attack could yield catastrophic results. But what if that malware spread beyond your own systems, taking your partners, customers and supply chain down with you? Cybercriminals have been busy over the past year, carrying out an alarming number of malware attacks varying the payload from …


Cyber Criminals Are Turning To The Weakest Link: SMEs

Small to medium-sized companies now make up 99.3 per cent of the UK’s private sector business, contributing an astounding £1.6 trillion to the national economy every year.1 With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that hackers are increasingly turning to SMEs to fuel their criminal operations. This unwanted attention isn’t being attracted …