Carson Sweet

Carson SweetCarson Sweet is co-founder and chief strategy officer for CloudPassage. As founding CEO, Carson led the team that created Halo, the patented security platform that changes the way enterprises achieve infrastructure protection and compliance. Carson’s information security career spans three decades and includes a broad range of entrepreneurial, management and hands-on technology experience. Carson and his teams have created groundbreaking security solutions across a range of industries and public sectors, with heavy focus on financial services, federal government, and high-tech. Carson focuses on long-term product, technology, and business strategy as CloudPassage expands market share through existing and emerging cloud security solutions. He also serves as chairman of the CloudPassage board of directors.

Articles by Carson Sweet

We’re in a Cyberwar

We’re in a Cyberwar—And the Bad Guys are Winning

One of the trailers for the latest James Bond movie features the presumed head of the evil Spectre organization, a menacing Christoph Waltz, taunting our hero with the words, “You came across me so many times, yet you never saw me… what took you so long?” Those lines could easily be uttered by any number …

Automate or Suffer the Consequences

Large Enterprises: Get Serious About Security Automation

The Nexus of Forces has introduced a Nexus of Danger, and security pros must face it head on through security automation. Large enterprises have a lot of systems to secure. Some are legacy ancients operating on long-forgotten and undocumented magic. Others are merely middle aged, quietly thumping along and getting the job done with patches …