Carmine Clementelli

isbuzz-author-male_1Carmine Clementelli is a security expert and manager with PFU, a Fujitsu Company. Clementelli and his team help healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking and finance, educational and other institutions and corporations throughout North America secure their networks, data and critical information assets. Fujitsu is a global security leader.

Articles by Carmine Clementelli

U.S. Healthcare 'Stegoloader' Malware

Security Expert Comments on U.S. Healthcare ‘Stegoloader’ Malware

Carmine Clementelli of PFU, a Fujitsu company, commented this afternoon on a new report from Trend Micro that North American healthcare organizations appear to be getting hit the hardest by the Stegoloader Trojan. PFU’s flagship product is the iNetSec Smart Finder network security appliance, which is deployed by a large number of healthcare organizations. Carmine …