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Brian SpectorBrian is co-founder of CertiVox and brings more than 20 years of experience in the information security industry. Brian began his career in cryptographic development at Silicon Valley’s first full disk encryption software company, which later became Guardian Edge and was acquired by Symantec. Brian joined McAfee, where he began his sales career in the anti-virus solutions group. He then moved to RSA Data Security, Inc., successfully forming several major strategic partnerships in the intellectual property licensing division, which included the BSAFE line of cryptographic SDKs that was responsible for the development of several standards.

Articles by Brian Spector

SWIFT Banking System Hacked Again

Following the news about a second group of hackers – Odinaff – has broken into the SWIFT system, the fulcrum of the global financial payments system. Odinaff were found to be using the same approach as those who stole $81m from the Bangladesh central bank earlier this year. Brian Spector, CEO of MIRACL commented below. Brian Spector, …


Fraud In UK Soars By 53% To £755 Million In 2015

A new report from Financial Fraud Action UK has found that fraud in the UK payments industry has soared by 53% in a year, totalling £755 million in 2015. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “Given the current state of security in the payments industry, it’s inevitable that the number of cases of financial fraud has …


Telsa Model S Hijacked Remotely

Chinese researchers have managed to control the brakes, lights and mirrors within a Tesla Model S from afar, while the cars are moving and up to 20 kilometres (12 miles) away. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL commented below. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “These hacks demonstrate the serious problems around identity verification in today’s connected cars. …


Security Blunder At Chinese Certificate Authority

A Chinese certificate authority handed out a base certificate for GitHub and the University of Central Florida to a security researcher. The incident occurred more than a year ago in July 2015 but went unreported, and it was the second time the researcher was able to obtain a base certificate from WoSign. Brian Spector, CEO …


French, German Ministers Demand New Encryption Backdoor Law

A meeting this week between the interior ministers of France and Germany has focused on the issue of encryption and its potential impact on security. French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve even went so far as to argue that the European Commission (EC) should draft a new law that would require companies to work with the …


Ford Building Driverless Cars For Ride-Sharing Services

In the US, Ford announced that it will produce a fleet of driverless cars for the mass market – to be used by ride-sharing services, such as Uber – by 2021. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL commented below. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “While Ford is moving driverless car technology into the fast lane, it’s still …


LastPass Zero-Day Vulnerability

A dangerous, previously unknown security vulnerability has been discovered in LastPass which permits attackers to remotely compromise user accounts. LastPass is a password vault which pulls user passwords from a secure area and auto fills credentials for them. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL commented below. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL:  “Password managers, like LastPass, help users manage the …


How Brexit Will Affect The IT Security Industry

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL commented below how this will affect his work force and the affect on the IT security industry as a whole. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL:  “As a start-up, one of our biggest challenges is finding enough great people who are passionate about creating great products …


Mexican Voter Database With 93.4 Million Records Leaks Online

A database reportedly containing roughly 93.4 million Mexican voter registration records was discovered on an Amazon cloud server without any password protection and includes everything from home addresses to ID numbers, a security researcher has disclosed. Here to comment on this news is Brian Spector, CEO of Miracl. Brian Spector, CEO, MIRACL: “This must be …

FBI Ransomware report

FBI Battle with encryption

According to an article in the New York Times, the FBI asked a judge to help break encryption software all the way back in 2003 – over a decade before the latest case involving Apple and the FBI. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL,  has the following comments: Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “Encryption is the bedrock of …