Brad Taylor

Brad-TaylorBrad has 20+ years experience in the enterprise software, security, and networking industry as a senior executive in sales, marketing, business development, acquisitions, operations, and venture capital.  He has built and managed multiple sales teams as a VP of Sales and assisted in two highly successful IPO’s with RSA Security (RSAS, now EMC) and ArcSight (ARST).  In addition, he has helped several companies get up and running to successful sales and market positions as a VP of Worldwide Sales / Marketing / Business Development for companies including eIQnetworks, SOA Software, and AirTight Networks.

Articles by Brad Taylor

breach at CVS

Experts React to New of New Retail Breach at CVS

It was announced that pharmacy chain CVS has taken down its online photo center, replacing it with a message warning that customer credit card data may have been compromised. The incident comes just days after Walmart Canada said it was investigating a potential breach of customer card data at its online photo processing store. …

OPM breach

Security Experts React to New OPM Breach News

The U.S. government Office of Personnel Management data breach was much larger than previously thought – that every federal employee’s social security number along with other personnel records data (all unencrypted) has been exposed – led to the following reaction from global cybersecurity experts. Igor Baikalov, Chief Scientist, Securonix ( “And yet another breach disclosure. …


Security Experts on US OPM Hack, Theft of all Employee/Retiree SS#s

Security experts from VASCO Data Security, Secure Channels and Proficio commented on the US OPM Hack John Gunn, VP of Communications, VASCO Data Security: “It’s a modern tragedy that so many innocent people will be victimized by hackers through no fault of their own, but simply because the stewards of their personal data failed to …

Man In Middle attack

Security Expert on Man In Middle Attack, 49 Arrested, 6Mil Euros Theft

Brad Taylor, CEO, Proficio commented on the middle attack, 49 arrested, 6mil euros theft: “There are many variations of scams that use social engineering to convince targets to wire funds to bank accounts controlled by the fraudsters. Some use similar domain names to trick targets into thinking they are receiving a legitimate email from their …