Bob Covello

Bob CovelloBob Covello (@BobCovello) is a 20-year technology veteran and InfoSec analyst with a passion for security topics. He is also a volunteer for various organizations focused on advocating for and advising others about staying safe and secure online.

Articles by Bob Covello

Can A Simple Communication Affect The Entire Profession?

A frequent reader of my work sent me an E-Mail that she received from a security software vendor about an expired subscription.  She knew that I promote positive approaches and communications in the InfoSec community, and I applaud her for her commitment to that ideal. Since I am not in the business of embarrassing a …


Is your Mobile Device Contaminating your Food?

I was in a restroom the other day and I noticed a food service worker exiting a stall with his cell phone in his hand. My apologies if you are reading this at breakfast. The food service worker placed the phone in his pocket, and diligently washed his hands before returning to work. What is …