Benny Czarny

Benny CzarnyAs CEO, Benny oversees OPSWAT’s day-to-day-operations and leads the company’s overall business strategy. His 20 years of expertise and deep interest in the Computer and Network Security industry is evidenced by his extensive participation in creating solutions within encryption, network operations, and security vulnerabilities detection fields. His understanding of the industry can be attributed to his breadth of experience spanning roles as a programmer, team leader, and engineering manager in several companies before founding OPSWAT in 2002. Benny earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Articles by Benny Czarny

Five Steps to Securing Data Workflows in Your Organization

Five Steps to Securing Data Workflows in Your Organization

Every organization has data flowing into and out of the organization. Along with any data comes the risk of malware. To protect against threats, most organizations implement anti-malware solutions at different entry points, such as email, web, and portable media. However instead of tackling each entry point as a separate anti-malware project, organizations should treat …