Benjamin Stone

Benjamin StoneBenjamin is a seasoned writer and technology enthusiast. He has written various articles on the topic of cyber security and continues to research the latest state of the art tools for tackling cyber scares. In his spare time Benjamin enjoys reading finance magazines and enjoying outdoor sporting activities.

Articles by Benjamin Stone

The Real Threat Of Cyberterrorism

Cyberterrorism: just how real is the threat? When confronted with the idea of cyberterrorism, much of the population would shrug. How much would a large scale disruption of computer networks or a malware attack on a government actually affect the average person’s life or livelihood? Is cyberterrorism really an imminent threat? The issue lies with …


DDoS For Hire: Interfering With A Business For $5

Think about what you could do with five dollars. You could get dinner for yourself at McDonald’s, so long as you don’t upsize the fries. You could buy a toy for a dog. You could get half of a low quality haircut. Or you could take a website offline, causing both short term and long …