Barry Scott

barry-scottBarry Scott is CTO of EMEA. An industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience working in the Windows, Unix and Linux space helping major organisations in almost every industry vertical. The last 9 years of Barry’s career have been spent helping organisations manage their Identity Management and Auditing challenges.

Articles by Barry Scott

stolen government email addresses & log-ins

MPs Sharing Log-In Credentials

Barry Scott, CTO at Centrify EMEA: “The news that MP’s are sharing passwords with others in their departments is shockingly bad and very disappointing. Sharing passwords should NEVER happen, with the possible (but very rare) exception being sharing with the IT Department at work, and then the password should be changed when IT no longer …


Password Manager Flaws

Following the news that researchers TeamSIK found flaws with all top nine password manager apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Barry Scott, CTO at EMEA Centrify commented below. Barry Scott, CTO at EMEA Centrify: “This is not the first, or last time, that password managers will face major security issues, but perhaps …


Dota 2 Forum Breach – 2 Million User Accounts Leaked

The breach of Dota 2 forum, which saw 2 million user accounts leaked? Barry Scott, CTO, Centrify Corporation at Leader in Identity Management commented below. Barry Scott, CTO, Centrify Corporation at Leader in Identity Management: “The Dota 2 breach was apparently done using an attack that has been known about for a long time called …


Google Suffers Third Party Data Breach

In light of the news today that Google has suffered a data breach via a third party benefits provider, Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA Centrify commented below. Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA Centrify: “Whilst the Google breach resulted from an email error, it highlights the risks posed by third parties. When it comes to IT security, you are …


Expert Comments on Nationwide Behavioural Biometrics

Unlike physical biometrics, behaviour biometrics is the field of study to uniquely identify the individual based on his or her behavioural trait. Example of behavioural biometrics are speech patterns, keystrokes and signature. Nationwide is planning to roll-out behavioural biometrics and here to comment on this news is Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA, Centrify. Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA, …


Expert Comments on Talktalk Opt for Voice Recognition over Passwords

Talktalk have announced that they will be using voice recognition in place of passwords as a result of the data breach last year, here to comment on this news is Barry Scott, CTO EMEA, Centrify. Barry Scott, CTO EMEA, Centrify: “Passwords are no longer fit for purpose, and the risks are inherent as TalkTalk has experienced …