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Balázs ScheidlerBalázs Scheidler, co-founder and CTO of the company and the inventor of Balabit’s leading technology products. Balázs has been engaged with IT security and software engineering for almost two decades. During this time he helped create a series of IT security related products such as syslog-ng (Log Management), Shell Control Box (Privileged User Monitoring) and Blindspotter (User Behavior Analytics) and Zorp (proxy-based Firewall).

Balázs Scheilder held the position of CEO and Development Leader since he co-founded the company in 2000, and has been named Development Director, than CTO on 1 September 2012 to preserve Balabit’s technology leadership in its core markets.

Balázs Scheidler earned a degree in computer engineering from Pannonia University, Veszprém. As the initiator of numerous Linux related projects, he is regarded by members of the open source community as subject matter expert. He is regularly invited to present at international events and conferences since his syslog-ng is used is used in more than 1 million installations wordwide, including several Linux distributions and a default log collection tool in Amazon Kindle Fire, BMW i3 electronic cars.

Scheidler was named the Info-communications Manager of the Year (Tibor Gyurós Prize) in 2011. In 2012 he received László Kalmár Prize from the John Neumann Computer Society for highly contributing to comuter usability and science.

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Articles by Balázs Scheidler

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